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The online class held via. Zoom has been recorded and shared with students, here is the sample video to see our classes will be.

Courses Offered


We offer a complete package of Jyothishya course, where you can learn how to read panchanga, write a Kundali(Rashi, Navamsha, and so on), predictions, remedies with scientific reasons behind all the concepts.

Vastu Shastra

Vastu shastra is the most ancient arts in Indian Astrology. We teach you how analyse an architecture, the layout of house, designs and location. We also help you in understanding the shortcomings and doshas that can possibly be present at home or workplace.

Hasta Samudrika

Is a branch of Astrology that helps in prediction based on the patterns on the hand. We teach the analysis of each pattern, its interpretation and subtle take aways. Pattern recognition has never been more fun..!

Prashna Shastra

Prashna Shastra is a science involving prediction based on the time at which a question is being asked. We focus on various branches on prashna shastra such as Astamangala, Kavade, Aarudha, Lakshna Prashne, Thandula Prashne and so on..

We offer the following



Our Gurukula


Mayakara Gurukula has a great environment to develop knowledge

Classroom at Gurukula

Gurukula has been equipped with the required infrastructure and has evolved as a great centre of Knowledge.

Online Class

Knowledge sharing should never stop..! With this motto Mayakara Gurukula is continuing its classes even in this pandemic situation. 

Samshodhana Kendra

Sri Mayakara Gurukula, has got grants of Research, the gurukula aims in supporting their students to systematically analyse and test all the facts about Jyothishya and reach to a conclusion.

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