Jyothishya is a shastra that provides a roadmap to people to design their life, which includes a set of suitable remedies to overcome the risks, problems and create a better life.

The remedies suggested by Guruji are very simple such as chanting mantras, giving grains as daana, feeding animals, simple pooja rituals and so on.

Following are some of the Doshas and related remedies performed by us, you can contact us for the same:


  1. Sarpa shanti: Remedy for sarpa dosha
  2. Rudrasnana vidhi: Remedy for Santana dosha
  3. Swayamvara Parvathi kalyana pooje -homa: Vivaha baghya
  4. Amrutha Mruthyunjaya Shanti: Remedy for Apamruthyu dosha
  5. Danvanthri Pooje/ Homa: for improvement of health
  6. Ayushya suktha Homa: for Ayushya vruddhi
  7. Navagraha Mandala pooje/Homa: Remedy for graha dosha
  8. Sudrashana Homa, Doorva Suktha Homa, Rakshoghna Homa: Remedy for Maata-Kuta problem, Drusti Dosha Problem
  9. Sri Prathyangira Pooje, Sri Sharabheshwara pooje/ Homa, Durga Homa: Remedy for Shatru bhaade, Drusti dosha problem. 


Note: We also perform Devalaya jeernoddhaara, Pratishtapane, Gruhapravesha, Bhoomi Pooje, Vastu Remedies Naamakarana, Vivaha Vishesha pooje.

All the rituals will be performed by renown scholars and pandits.

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